#Education — how many school days do you have after state testing?





Assuming you’re in a testing grade…

I’m excited about the opportunity to do some “breaking of the mold” after testing but… I also know from past experience how unmotivated kids can be the last weeks of school.

Oh, and to answer the question, we have 21 days… or basically 4 weeks of school.

We had testing in the middle of March, so… Three months.

So, so silly.

We test in early march. To the kids, they’re done. They think the only thing that matters is the test.
I try to do fun things but they just don’t care anymore. :(

We just finished testing last week (April 28 - May 2), and we get out May 28 this year. However, these last few weeks have stuff like SRI testing (a totally BS reading lexile test) and a 9th grade pilot Common Core math test that will completely disrupt the rest of the school’s schedule for two days. I’ve kind of made peace with the fact that even if my kids are super willing, we can’t be too productive with these last days because of outside factors. 

We’re testing this week (my kids this Friday), and we’ll have two weeks after Friday of school left (May 23). We also have a pilot 9th grade Common Core English test next week, which I’m a proctor. Not to forget a day of makeup testing. I teach a good number of high school seniors, and their last day is next Friday. However, their grades are due by Thursday. Remember, I’m proctoring exams this week AND next week as well. I may see them once or twice from here out. Luckily, I gave them a study guide for my final exam pretty early.

To hold my state-tested (Biology) class’ attention for the next two weeks, we’re doing some dissections and playing review games for the final exam. Same for my Zoology classes, which will be empty due to no more seniors.